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What makes Attard Automotive different to other mechanical workshops?

In recent months we have spent a lot of time talking to our customers and the local community in regards to our local Tullamarine auto repair shop. Many have said how hard it is to find a good mechanic that does quality auto repairs. 

And that got us thinking…. We have customers that keep coming back to us time and time again for their car repairs and services, many customers have reviewed us on Facebook and Google. Everyone tells us how well we are doing and how they appreciate what we do. So…. What do we actually do well?? And what does a good auto repair workshop look like? We thought if we can pinpoint these strengths of ours, then we can keep improving and ensure that we continue to provide the best mechanic car service experience possible to our community. 

So, we spent some time brainstorming, spoke to some of our customers and looked at our reviews.  We came up with 5 key areas that we believe are our strengths, 

  • Experience
  • Honesty
  • Customer Service
  • Quality
  • Affordability


Our team of mechanics have many years’ experience in the automotive repair industry. We pride ourselves with second to none diagnostic/problem solving skills. We recognise that diagnosing problems quickly and accurately helps to keep repair costs at a minimum for our customers.  

Honesty/Reliability & being straight up

At Attard Automotive we believe that honesty, reliability and being straight-up is key to a happy customer. 

We are always happy to show our customers any parts that have been repaired/replaced and thoroughly explain the issues. 

But, don’t take our word for it, click here to see what our customers think about us. 

Customer Service

Our team are super friendly and always willing to go the extra mile to help. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service. We always take the time to provide easy to understand explanations about what we have done to their vehicle and what the issues are.  Our team care about our customers and do all that they can to ensure their safety, reliable transportation and satisfaction. We guarantee all our work. 


At Attard Automotive we only use quality parts and products to ensure the that all repairs and services are carried out to the highest standard. Our workshop only uses the best quality oils supplied by Valvoline the leading global producer, distributor and brand of high-quality lubricants.  (Note: In some cases, we use other high-quality oils specific to an individual vehicle needs)  

Our tools are all high quality and our electronic diagnosis equipment have the latest technology. 

We know that having the right tools helps to get the job done easily, quickly and cost effectively.  We don’t muck around.


We understand that one of the highest priorities in everyone’s life is finances. We, like everyone else don’t like to be overcharged for services and repairs, so we don’t overcharge for our services. 

These are our core strengths but there are a couple of other strengths worth mentioning.

Assist with vehicle repair cost budgeting

We help our customers to manage their vehicle repair costs by prioritising the repairs for our customers and provide a list of what needs to be repaired now and what could wait until next service. 

We care

We really do care about our customers safety, reliable transport and satisfaction. 

Work guaranteed

When you have mechanical work carried out by Attard Automotive you can have peace of mind because we guarantee all our services and repairs. 


Another really important point to make when taking about what makes a mechanic great is communication. 

We understand that vehicle servicing and repairs can be difficult for those who don’t know much about vehicles. At Attard Automotive we do all that we can to ensure that our customers clearly understand what is carried out on their vehicles and why.

We take communication seriously and try to help our customers to understand their vehicles better by, 

  • Explaining to our customers what we are going to do, what needs to be done and why.
  • Visual inspections of their vehicle, diagrams or looking at our model engine that we have in the workshop. 
  • Customer support, communicating with our customers in a way that they like to be communicated with e.g. Phone/Face to face/Email/PM/text etc.  
  • Prioritising work that needs to be carried out e.g. what needs to be done immediately and what could wait until next service. 
  • Provide comprehensive safety reports with every service
  • Tutorial videos posted on our social media and website
  • Car tips and advice on social media and website
  • Vehicle education via our social media and website.


As you can probably tell from the above list, we believe that educating our customers is also very important. Education empowers our customers to understand their cars better, be able to make informed decisions and be able to help maintain their cars between services. 

We believe that by working in line with all of these strengths, we are providing the best possible service to our customers. And if we can continue to improve on these things then we can continue to exceed our customers’ expectations. 

So, if you are looking for a mechanic that values all the traits mentioned above then we are the mechanics for you. 

We welcome new customers to our community so that you can experience our service with a difference for yourself. 

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